Your personal moving consultant , either Thai or Expatriate, will be your point of contact. We will

  • Advise you on every aspect of your move.
  • Explain the diverse range of services JVK provide, along with optional services that you can choose.
  • Provide a detailed quotation
  • Carefully evaluate your items to estimate volume and length of time needed to complete your move
  • Advise you about special items that may require extra care during you move.
  • Plan with you on the scope of work the JVK team will carry out & complete
  • Discuss and map out a schedule for relocating, inclusive of dates for packing, moving and arrival to your new home, office, factory, or exhibition venues.
  • Coordinate with our moving team.
  • Answer all questions concerning the removal & relocation procedure.

On your move date, JVK will provide a professional moving team

Each team consists of an English speaking supervisor, 4 -5 packers & driver. All team members are full time employees and each must pass a rigorous in house training program. Upon arrival at your premises the team will.

  • Take special precaution to protect your home and its contents on moving day.
  • Pack all your belongings with high quality materials adopting specific methods according to each type of service.
  • Provide a detailed inventory of items to be moved
  • Tag each carton or item with numbered and color-coded labels.
  • Load all your items onto the trucks.
  • Deliver all your items with care to destination, whether home, office, factory or exhibition.
  • At Destination. Unpack and remove all empty cartons and and packing materials.